My super co-workers!

Happy first day of June!!! It’s amazing how fast time flies! Not that I’m complaining since I’m graduating next Friday!!! Anyhow, speaking of amazing-ness, I’ve literally been waiting since April to do this post to show off my amazing team. I wanted to collect as many pictures as possible from our company’s Spring Symposium, a series 3 of conferences in Northern CA, Southern CA, and Chicago that my team helps organize.

However, since our photographer, Jaime (ahem…) is forever too busy to upload all of the high resolution pictures, these few photos that I was able to scavenge will have to do.

A little bit about us – we are made up of the Meetings & Event and Clinical Education departments. We also adopted a few IT guys into the family. Fun facts:

  • We coordinate clinical education workshops that use specimens ranging from chicken skin to pig feet and lungs to real human corpses.
  • We organize our company’s meetings and events, some of which require assigned seating for 1600+ people.
  • Our department has the MedAmerica Heartthrob, who is related to Johnny Torrio, the famous Chicago mobster in the 1920’s (though the legitimacy of their kinship is to be determine).

My favorite memory of us: running on the beach and jumping into the ocean after a huge delicious dinner! Here are a couple pictures of us (missing a few members) on a lifeguard shack somewhere on the Long Beach City beach. #BestTeamEver

Beach 1Beach 2

Here are a few other pictures of us in Long Beach- walking to the restaurant and ordering/ eating a ridiculous amount of delicious food!

blog 033

blog 037 blog 036 blog 035 blog 034

A few of us who arrived at Long Beach the day before went out to eat at The Boathouse on the Bay. If you’re in the area and want some fresh seafood with a nice ambiance, this place is the way to go!

Gorgeous sunset, delicious seafood, and awesome company. Boat house on the Bay Boat house on the Bay 3

Since I ran out of pictures and we’re still on the subject of amazing-ness, here are some pictures of my Tie-dye team from our company-wide Amazing Race, in which we competed among 22 teams at the Berkeley Marina to complete various tasks during the allotted 2 hours. The tasks includes finding locations and people, solving puzzles to find clues, dancing, building plastic towers, flinging rubber chickens, and smashing other teams’ eggs… Wait, just kidding, the egg smashing wasn’t part of it. By the way, did I mention that the company’s CEO was part of our group?! See that gangster looking guy in the back with the tie-dye headband and sunglasses throwing up number 1? That’s our CEO! Seriously #BestCompanyEver

Team TieDye_normal Team TieDye

Now guys, although we won first place, the most important thing is that we had fun!… And that we won some serious bling!!! Check out our gold dollar chains! We’re fosho gonna rep it at the next staff meeting! First Place Team.1

Last but not least, let’s not forget about our team’s witness and war casualty, whom was smashed during the race due to bitter revenge. Where’s the Peace, Love and Harmony, man?! I guess “all is fair in love and war”.

Amazing race Witness and casualty

The take-aways:

  1. Do not pass up an opportunity to jump into the ocean on a warm night, especially when you’re in the company of great friends. Though, do consider white pants and other see-though garments when wet.
  2. We shall not talk about what happened after the Gangster Tour in Chicago.
  3. Do work for a company with a caring culture and a team that is made up of not just your co-workers, but is your work family!

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