A little about me…

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Berkeley, California with my family when I was 10 years old. Similar to most first generation immigrants, I have incredibly diligent and loving parents, who sacrificed everything to move to the U.S. for their children’s future. I also have an older brother, Tri, and a cat named Bamboo. My family is my everything.

I attended University of Berkeley, California for my undergrad and am now finishing my MBA at Santa Clara University. I worked for a school, a non-profit organization, and couple of small companies. Since April 2015, I have been working as a Clinical Education Project Manager at MedAmerica. Through my work and school networks, I have developed life-long friendships that have enriched my life with memorable experiences, life lessons and so much love and support.

My fiancé Jesse and I were engaged in Maui, Hawaii in July 2014 and plan to get married in May 2017. He is my adventure partner and is my voice of conscience, kind of like Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio. Check out a photo of us below from our recent engagement photoshoot.

With this blog I hope to:

  • Build relationships with my family and friends through shared experiences and reflection,
  • Share information on social relationship building activities that I engage in.

To find out the purpose for this blog, please check out my first post. As this blog is a learning experience for me, I am very interested in getting feedback from all to determine how to make this blog more engaging. Most importantly, please share share share!

❤ Hong


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